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The skin is one of the organs that is most affected by the effect of time and a series of physical, chemical and biological insults.

In particular, the epidermis undergoes a progressive reduction in the number, size and turnover of the keratinates, which alone constitute about 80% of its cell population; the result is a progressive reduction of cohesion with the underlying dermis. The latter, made up of 80% collagen – which ensures the firmness of the skin – meets, over time, a progressive wear of its components, with reduction of the quality of hyaluronic acid and degradation of collagen and elastic fibers. Because of these and other mechanisms, primarily dehydration, the skin loses elasticity and firmness and relaxes, favoring the appearance of wrinkles. The quality of hyaluronic acid, the amount of reticular collagen or type 3 produced and the amount of elastorates present can provide valuable information on the extent of damage while functioning as valuable biomarkers for monitoring the effectivenes of any treatments. In this regard, aesthetic medicine tries to intervene through various techniques, possibly minimally invasive, in order to restore order and balance lost, increasing, each time, the level of oxygenation, promoting cellular metabolism , activating particular signal ways, etc. In this context, the skin patting is an original and patented technique (Automatic Patting System, APS®) based on the use of a particular multifunctional handpiece equipped with a system of double cones that, rhythmically protruding in a pulsed manner, generate a unique “train” of “pressure” waves, which allow them to penetrate the thickness of the skin in a regular way up to a maximum depth of 0.25 mm, resulting in micro-incision, without apparent loss of substance. The various body areas are covered with two handpieces of different sizes, each “equipped” to perform any ancillary functions (eg iontophoresis, LED, etc.). The mechanical stimulation induced by the device determines a series of clinically appreciable benefits in the cutaneous areas affected by various pathological conditions, such as relaxation, micro-wrinkles, spots, acne, etc.

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